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Painting of buildings facades with acrylic paint


A building's exterior walls (facades) are its most conspicuous architectural feature. At the same time they are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions. Therefore, they must present an aesthetically pleasing finish as well as being resistant to adverse weather conditions.



ISOMAT-ACRYL is the ideal solution for painting facades of buildings. It is a high quality 100% acrylic paint, that offers:

  • Excellent coverage

  • Water-tightness, protecting the structure from moisture.

  • Vapor permeability, allowing the structure to breathe.

  • Elasticity and resistance to weather conditions.

  • Strong bonding.

  • Excellent washability.

  • Aesthetically pleasing results.

Suitable for external and internal application, on new or old surfaces, on all normal surfaces, such as concrete, plaster, brick, asbestos cement, gypsum board etc.



Substrate preparation

  1. The substrate to be painted must be dry and free of any grease, dust, loose materials etc.

  2. Any existing imperfections in the plaster should be repaired with DUROCRET polymer modified cement mortar, with UNICRET cement-lime mortar or with UNICRET-FAST fast-setting white cement-lime mortar. 

  3. Imperfections on exposed concrete should be repaired with polymer modified cement putties PLANFIX or PLANFIX-FINE .

  4. Cracks or joints should be widened at approx. 5mm before being filled with ISOMASTIC-A plastic-elastic acrylic sealant.

  5. Subsequently, the surface should be primed with UNI-PRIMER acrylic primer. Especially when the render is loose and can be rubbed off, UNI-PRIMER stabilizes its surface.
    UNI-PRIMER consumption: 100-200 g/m2, depending on the absorptivity of the substrate.

  6. Once the primer has completely dried, application of ISOMAT-ACRYL can follow.


Application of ISOMAT-ACRYL
ISOMAT-ACRYL is thoroughly stirred before use. It may be applied undiluted or diluted with 5-10% water. ISOMAT-ACRYL is applied at 2 coats by brush, roller or spray. The second coat is applied after the first one has completely dried.
Coverage of ISOMAT-ACRYL: 10-12 m2/kg per coat.