Decorative Stone Carpet with natural colored stones

Blending in seamlessly with the natural environment, ISOMAT’s Stone Carpet provides an incredibly durable, slip-resistant and naturally beautiful floor delivering feel, texture, and color to give a style and character not matched by other types of floor coverings.

Thanks to its high flexibility, it is ideal as a floor covering for balconies, terraces, flat roofs, pathways, patios, pool surrounds, etc., in residential and commercial spaces.

ISOMAT’s Stone Carpet system is made by mixing ISOMAT NATURAL COLORED STONES with:

  • the transparent polyurethane resin binder ISOFLEX-PU 650 in gloss finish for outdoor applications, or
  • the transparent, solvent-free polyurethane resin binder VARNISH-PU 1K in satin-matt finish for indoor applications.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Slip-resistant, even when wet, thanks to the open pore texture allowing water to pass through
  • Resistant to impact and wear
  • Resistant to common household cleaners, oils, and seawater
  • UV-stable; non-yellowing properties
  • Suitable for prolonged pedestrian and light vehicular traffic (domestic garages)
  • Naturally beautiful
  • Pourable flooring, adaptable to architectural design

Application Process

Substrate preparation

Α) Exterior spaces

For outdoor applications, including flat roofs, balconies, etc., it’s necessary that the substrate be waterproofed with a polyurethane liquid waterproofing membranes such as ISOFLEX-PU 500 prior to stone carpet installation. In case the decorative flooring is to be applied to concrete ground slabs, then DUROPRIMER-SG epoxy primer must be applied as a protective layer prior to stone carpet.

B) Interior spaces

Porous surfaces (concrete, screed, etc.) should be primed with DUROFLOOR-PSF epoxy primer or PRIMER-PU 100 polyurethane primer. Non-porous surfaces (e.g. tiles) should be treated with the special adhesion promoter PRIMER-S 165.

Preparation of the decorative resin flooring

ISOMAT NATURAL COLORED STONES are added to ISOFLEX-PU 650 under continuous stirring with a low-speed mixer and mixing shall continue for about 5 minutes. For large-scale applications, mixing of the materials should be carried out in a concrete mixer.

The stone carpet mixture is poured over the prepared surface and applied in one layer using a smooth metal trowel. During the application of the decorative stone carpet the use of NON-STICK AGENT is required (agent used to improve the slip properties of the smooth metal trowel).

After hardening of the stone carpet, a layer of ISOFLEX-PU 650 could be optionally applied to enhance the mechanical properties of the system.

As an alternative to ISOFLEX-PU 650 resin binder, which delivers a glossy finish, the transparent, UV-stable, one-component polyurethane varnish with a satin-matt finish VARNISH-PU 1K may be used. Being solvent-free, it’s odorless and thus ideal for indoor applications.

  1. Sloped concrete / screed
  2. Priming with PRIMER-PU 100
  3. Waterproofing with ISOFLEX-PU 500 (optionally reinforced with polyester fleece, depending on substrate type)
  4. Application of ISOFLEX-PU 650 mixed with ISOMAT NATURAL COLORED STONES
  5. Optional application of ISOFLEX-PU 650 in one layer for improved mechanical properties
Mixing ratio
Resin binder : Natural stones
Consumption of mixture
Resin binder + Natural stones
1:10 by weight(1,5 kg + 15 kg) /m2/cm
1:15 by weight(1,0 kg + 15 kg) /m2/cm
1:20 by weight(0,75 kg + 15 kg) /m2/cm

Specific weight of natural stones: 1.5 kg/l – Size of natural stones: 2-4 mm
Minimum stone carpet thickness: 8 mm
* Consumption may increase by 10-15% depending on compaction.