Information Security Policy

ISOMAT’s Top Management is committed to managing Information Security Management issues with the same responsibility and high priority as all company’s activities. Through the development and implementation of an effective Information Security Management System, ISOMAT is able to build more security around the information that runs its business, thus delivering maximized customer and employee benefits.

In particular, Top Management is committed to supporting the implementation of Information Security Management practices to protect and maintain the three principles of information security; confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

We intend to fulfill our commitment by following the prevention and protection principles, in accordance with legal provisions and the requirements arising from the broader framework set by the company for the management of strategically important risks, as well as through the publication of our actions and the continual improvement of our performance in the field of Information Security.

This continuous effort is carried out through:

  • monitoring and implementation of modern technologies and international practices,
  • definition of objectives and criteria on the basis of which a continuous risk level assessment is carried out,
  • implementation of response programs, and
  • communication, training, and engagement of the workforce in information security management.

Constantly seeking methods to improve existing information security management techniques will help our company protect information assets even more effectively. We will keep our company customers, employees, and shareholders informed about the progress of our actions.

Top Management gives its full support to the Information Security Management System according to ISO 27001:2013 and, in consultation with its workforce, is committed to formulating attainable goals and objectives, which will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they are within the specifications set.