Certification of ISOMAT’s products according to CE


“CE marking on a product (from the french acronym – Conformite Europeenne – European Conformity) declares that the product is conformed to the European Directives for products about health, safety and protection of the environment, so to be released and distributed freely in the European Market, comprising in that way its European passport. The procedures for CE certification involve the verification of the specific guidelines concerning the product, the clarification of design requirements, the quality control of production through diagnostic inspections, the conformity of product’s technical characteristics, the retention of technical record for the product and the certification of all the above through independent institution which supervises and evaluates the total quality system of the company.”

In ISOMAT, we are sensitive in consumer protection issues as our principal aim is to develop a sincere relationship between us and our clients. Therefore, we have already certified according to CE concrete admixtures and tile adhesives. Shortly, CE certification is going to extend to other products as well.

CE marking in concrete admixtures concerns the verification of categorisation according to the European standard for concrete admixtures EN 934-2 as well as the guarantee for maximum quantity of chlorides and alkalis. The certification is ensured with lab tests in certified laboratories and diagnostic inspections of production, which lead to the release of certification of annual validity.

In addition, CE marking in tile adhesives includes lab test of physical and mechanical characteristics which verifies the classification according to the European standard for adhesives EN 12004.