ISOMAT among the “True Leaders 2013”

For another year in a row, ISOMAT S.A. has been selected and awarded by ICAP Group as one of the 45 companies and 8 groups in Greece, which constitute the “True Leaders” of the Greek economy.

The glorious ceremony took place in Athens on the 23rd of October, under the auspices of the Ministry of Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport and Communications, in the presence of 380 Senior Members of the Greek market.

In a total of 22,000 companies, only 45 companies and 8 groups have qualified for the title of True Leader of the market for the financial year 2013, as they have met the criteria and at the same time distinguished in the following:

– they are included in the 500 most profitable Companies or the 200 most profitable Groups for 2013, according to the data of the Business Leaders in Greece publication (EBITDA classification criterion),
– they are among the 500 Companies or 200 Groups with the highest number of employees, which have also increased the number of employees between 2012 – 2013,
– the Companies or the main companies of the Group have achieved high ICAP Credit Scores (Assessment of Creditworthiness, ranging from B2 to A1),
– they are ranked among the Top 10 in their industry (based on the turnover).