ISOMAT at the 15th International Trade Fair of Albania



ISOMAT participated for the first time, with absolute success, in the 15th International Trade Fair of Albania which took place from the 25th until the 30th of November in Palace of Congresses in Tirana. The annual International Trade Fair of Albania is the largest exhibition organized in the neighboring country with more than 500 exhibitors, from 30 different countries, and more than 200.000 visitors every year.

ISOMAT participated in the exhibition in cooperation with its agent in Albania, the company AED Color Sh.p.K.. Its stand attracted many visitors and the company had the opportunity to make a lot of new contacts with construction companies, engineers, shop owners, application companies and individuals. The exhibition, including the stand of ISOMAT, was honored by the attendance of the President of Albania, Mr. Bamir Topi.