ISOMAT’s arresting appearance in “OIKODOMI 2009”



Exceptionally successful was the participation of ISOMAT in the 14th Annual Exhibition for Products & Materials for Buildings and Construction Sites “OIKODOMI 2009” that was organized in Athens, Greece, in the Exhibition Centre of Eastern Airport HELLENICO from the 8th till the 12th of April 2009.

With its impressive stand ISOMAT attracted numerous visitors, among who many engineers, architects, constructors and individuals. The company presented its six product categories and the integrated solutions it offers for a large variety of construction works.

ISOMAT has put particular emphasis this year on the renovation and repairing works, proposing smart construction solutions for the improvement of houses and offices. It focused also on the market’s requirement for energy saving building technologies that can be applied both to new or existing buildings.  

The visitors’ interest was particularly captured by the live application shows, which were run by the engineers of the company’s Technical Support Department.

In these shows it was presented the certified complete system for external thermal insulation “KELYFOS” and particularly the construction easiness and the money-saving advantages that result from its application in a new or existing building.  “KELYFOS” achieves up to 55% saving of energy while it contributes to the protection of the environment through the drastic decrease of the gaseous pollutants that are emitted in the air by both the heating and cooling systems of a building.

In the shows it was also presented the innovative, high quality, light weight, polymer-modified tile adhesive ISOMAT AK-LIGHT, which due to its innovative formulation is applied more easily and covers 30% more area than a regular adhesive. As a result, it makes the tile fixing for the technician much easier while it is suitable for applications of high standards.

The stand of ISOMAT was honored this year as well by the presence of many of the company’s cooperators from allover Greece, Cyprus and abroad.