ISOMAT participates in the European research consortium “SUPREME” for the development of innovative antimicrobial nanoparticle (NP) filled coatings

ISOMAT participates in the European research initiative SUPREME, running under the auspices of the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation Horizon Europe, as part of its outward-looking strategy and its ongoing effort to innovate and introduce new products through Research and Development, and always with sustainability as its guiding principle.

The research team includes 19 organizations from 8 countries, including major research institutes, top educational institutions and internationally active companies. The 48-month project aims to create an innovative platform for the development of antimicrobial nanocoatings.

More specifically, the catastrophic pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 in 2020 attracted the attention of the general public towards the spread of harmful pathogens facilitated by high-traffic surfaces, highlighting

the importance and urgency of an economically and environmentally sustainable solution for antimicrobial surface coatings as a potential strategy to mitigate the spread of disease outbreaks.

The SUPREME consortium will develop a platform for the study and development of efficient and multifunctional antimicrobial nanocoatings. Key objectives, among others, are to create a safer living and working environment, to reduce the risk of spread of infectious diseases caused by harmful pathogens, to increase autonomy in key strategic value chains for resilient industry and strengthen the European presence in the health sector within the context of improving healthcare conditions for European citizens. The production of SUPREME nanocoatings will follow a sustainable-by-design approach to guarantee minimized negative impacts on the environment and human health.

ISOMAT actively participates in the research and development of nanomolecular coatings, which can be applied to a variety of building materials, in line with the ever-increasing market needs while aiming to achieve the best technical and economic result.

The ISOMAT Group focuses on the research and development of integrated and certified solutions for the construction industry, setting sustainability as its strategic priority.