ISOMAT has successfully run its 1st in-house training program “Train the Trainers”

ISOMAT implemented for the first time an innovative in-house training program called “Train the Trainers”, specifically developed to turn its engineers from the Technical Support departments of the subsidiaries into subject-matter experts who are capable of effectively conveying ISOMAT’s expertise and training others in seminars and technical trainings abroad.

The program included two theoretical workshops delivered by the Technical Support department in April and May, and one practical workshop conducted by the Technical Applications and Trainings department in June. The “Train the Trainers” program took place at ISOMAT’s headquarters in Thessaloniki, Greece, and provided comprehensive training to Group engineers from Greece and its subsidiaries in Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Germany.

The workshops’ structure was designed in cooperation with the HR department, the Technical Support department and the Technical Training & Applications department of ISOMAT, tailored to meet the specific needs of the trainees. This program brought some real valuable benefits; helped trainees in developing their communication and social skills and learning how to correctly apply ISOMAT’s products while promoting how their properties meet the needs of modern construction.

ISOMAT identifies thorough employee training as one of the best ways to enhance knowledge and skills and, as part of its continuous investment in its people, went on establishing the “Train the Trainers” program on an annual basis along with additional training workshops on new products and other updates with the ultimate goal of better serving its customers around the world.