Quality Policy

ISOMAT’s primary aim is to to produce high-quality building chemicals and mortars and consistently provide professional and effective services to ensure overall customer satisfaction.

What does ISOMAT’s Quality Policy include?

ISOMAT successfully achieves customer satisfaction by:

  • Anticipating customer needs and requirements.
  • Responding promptly to customer requests.
  • Developing and manufacturing high-quality and innovative products, always as per specifications.
  • Distributing products and providing services to customers on time.
  • Communicating with customers and analyzing customer feedback for product and service improvement.

In pursuit of this aim, ISOMAT is committed to:

  • Operating in compliance with the necessary statutory and regulatory requirements and the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and product certification standards.
  • Continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
  • Establishing measurable and achievable quality objectives and reviewing them on an annual basis to ensure relevance to changing business needs. These objectives are stated in the annual quality review.
  • Communicating this quality policy electronically and in writing to all involved.
    Reviewing quality policy on an annual basis.