Application of colored, acrylic, water-repellent render for preparation of coarse surfaces


MARMOCRYL Decor Acrylic, water-repellent render. Rough-textured finish

FLEX-PRIMER High-quality, acrylic, water-based primer

PL-BOND Render adhesion primer


The overlay of a building’s facade consists of it’s characteristic architectural features. Therefore, they must present an aesthetically pleasing finish and, at the same time, be resistant to adverse weather conditions.


The use of MARMOCRYL Decor to create a decorative wall render with a coarse-textured final surface is the ideal solution. It is a ready-to-use, pasty, acrylic render. It consists of aggregate of special particle size granulation, to form a coarse-textured decorative surface. It offers the following benefits:

  • High elasticity and excellent bonding to the substrate.
  • Enables to create coarse-textured decorative surfaces with different texture according to the way of rubbing.
  • Total water-repellency acc. to DIN 52617.
  • Excellent vapor permeability.
  • No need for facade painting.
  • Resistance to alkalis according to DIN 18556.
  • Cracking prevention unlike ordinary cement-lime renders.
  • Simplifies and makes the application faster.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor application.

MARMOCRYL Decor is used as the finishing coat of plastering works, to create a white or colored, water-repellent coarse-textured finish surface (thin layer). It can be applied on all kinds of building materials like render, concrete, cement boards, gypsum boards etc. Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications. It replaces the final render coat.

According to the particle size of the aggregates it is available in 2 types: MARMOCRYL Decor 2 mm and MARMOCRYL Decor 3 mm.


Preparation of the substrate

The substrate must be dry and free of dust, oily or loose materials etc. Priming follows, using the special primer FLEX-PRIMER. Smooth or non adsorptive surfaces should be primed with PL-BOND. MARMOCRYL Decor is applied after the primer has dried.


MARMOCRYL Decor should be thoroughly stirred before application. The render is applied by hand, using a smooth stainless metallic spatula, or with a plastering machine. While still fresh (approx. after 20 minutes) the render is treated (pressed) by plastic or wooden float, in horizontal, vertical, or circular movements depending on the desirable appearance of the surface. Working time depends on substrate’s absorptivity and ambient temperature.

Consumption: The consumption depends on the type of the render:

MARMOCRYL Decor 2 mm = 2,3 kg/m2.

MARMOCRYL Decor 3 mm = 3,5 kg/m2.


  • Temperature during application should be between +50C to +350C.
  • MARMOCRYL Decor while it is still fresh should be protected from high temperatures, rain and frost.
  • Consult the usage risks and safety advice written on the bag.