Concrete waterproofing


PLASTIPROOF Plasticizing/water reducing admixture for concrete



Waterproofing of concrete constructions that are subjected to constant or periodic attack from water, must cover both the shell of the structural elements and their mass.

Waterproofing the mass of these elements complements the overall waterproofing of such structures, which, in accordance with modern building practices, should be extended at all levels (e.g. waterproofing of the mass of the structure, its shell and its outer layers), in order to be as effective as possible.



Waterproofing of the concrete mass is achieved by the use of PLASTIPROOF, a liquid admixture that acts as a plasticizer (ASTM C494, type A) and as a waterproofing admixture as well. Certified with the CE marking as water reducing – concrete plasticizing admixture according to EN 934-2:T2 & T9, certificate number: 0906-CPD-02412007. It has the following advantages:

  • Increases significantly the resistance to water permeability, whether from hydrostatic pressure or from capillary absorption.

  • Increases workability without the addition of water.

  • Does not have air-entraining action.

  • Does not contain chlorides or other corrosive ingredients.

  • It is compatible with all types of Portland cement.

PLASTIPROOF is suitable for all structures that are subject to constant or periodic attack from water, such as basements, reservoirs, canals, tunnels, septic tanks, swimming pools etc.



PLASTIPROOF can be added to:

  • The mixing water during preparation of the concrete.

  • The prepared mixture just before use. In that case, in order to achieve uniform distribution of PLASTIPROOF throughout the mass, in the latter case, thorough mixing for 4-5 minutes with the cement mixer rotating, is recommended.

Consumption: 0,2-0,5% by cement weight.



  • Overdose may cause retardation of setting time, but without adversely affecting final strengths.