Grouting of machinery


MEGAGROUT-101 High-strength, non-shrinking pourable cast grout

AQUAFIX Rapid-setting cement

RAPICRET Fast-setting patching mortar



Machine mountings are constantly subjected to high static and dynamic stresses. Therefore, the material that is filling the space between the floor and the machine must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be of high strength so that it can absorb the static and dynamic loads resulting from the operation of the machine.

  • Provide excellent fluidity so that it can fill the whole space between the floor and the machine.

  • Expand slightly during the first hours and not shrink after hardening in order to avoid the formation of hairline cracks at the point of contact with the machine.



MEGAGROUT-101 provides the ideal solution for such applications, as it is a fluid, non-shrinking high-strength cement grout with special admixtures, providing:

  • Very good fluidity without separation.

  • High initial and final strengths.

  • Efficient bonding to steel and concrete.

  • Resistance to impacts and vibrations.

  • Low water permeability.



Substrate preparation

  1. Substrate should be free of dust, oil or other material.

  2. Substrate should be roughened in order to ensure proper bonding of the product on it.

  3. Before applying MEGAGROUT-101, substrate surface must be thoroughly dampened, but without forming puddles.


Application of MEGAGROUT-100

  1. MEGAGROUT-101 forms, after hydration, a fluid and fine-grained mixture and part of it may run off through the joints of the various elements of the formwork. Therefore, formwork’s joints should be sealed with AQUAFIX rapid setting cement or RAPICRET fast setting patching mortar.

  2. A 25 kg bag of MEGAGROUT-101 is added to 3 kg of water under continuous stirring using a low revolution mixer until a homogeneous fluid mass is formed. A quantity of water up to 0,5 kg is added to the mix under constant stirring in order to achieve the desired fluidity.

  3. The mixture is then poured taking care to avoid air entrapment. In any case, it should be ensured that the cement grout has filled the whole space between the formwork and the existing construction.

  4. Surfaces that are exposed to open air must be kept wet for at least 24 hours, covered with wet fabric or polyethylene sheets.
    Consumption of MEGAGROUT-101: 21,5 kg/m2/cm layer’s thickness or 2,1 kg for filling 1 lit of volume.



  • MEGAGROUT-101 is applied at a maximum thickness of 10 cm per layer.
  • Temperature during application must be between +5oC and +35oC.
  • Material that has started to set must not be “softened” again with water.
  • The product keeps its fluidity for approx. 60 minutes at temperatures between +150C and +250C.
  • At high temperatures, storage of the bags in a cool place is recommended, as well as mixing the material with cold water in order to have the appropriate fluidity for a sufficient length of time (approx. 60 minutes).
  • At low temperatures and whenever fast strength gain is required, mixing of the material with lukewarm water and protection from cold by putting thermal insulating covers over the formwork are recommended.
  • The product contains cement, which reacts as alkaline with water and is classified as irritant.
  • Consult the directions for safe use and precautions written on the packaging.