Painting of building facades with highly-elastic waterproofing paint


ISOMAT FLEXCOAT Premium, elastic, waterproofing paint

FLEX-PRIMER High-quality, acrylic, water-based primer

DUROCRET Polymer-modified cement mortar

UNICRET Mortar for rendering and masonry

UNICRET-FAST Fast-setting, white repairing mortar

PLANFIX Polymer-modified cement putty

PLANFIX-FINE Polymer-modified cement putty, extra fine-grained

ISOMASTIC-A Elastoplastic acrylic sealant




The problem of moisture, due to rain, in external walls is a common one, especially if waterproof render was not used or where poor quality paint has been applied. The problem is even worse in walls that are north facing, have cracks or are near the sea.

These problems can be solved easily and effectively, even at a later stage, when the walls are painted.

The paint used must be waterproof, strong, elastic and highly resistant to adverse weather conditions.


ISOMAT FLEXCOAT is an ideal solution for painting wall surfaces, making them waterproof and easy to wash. It is a high quality, highly elastic, water-paint, with elastomeric resins. It provides:

  • Total waterproofing of walls against rain.
  • High elasticity and ability to cover cracked surfaces.
  • Vapor permeability, allowing the structure to breathe.
  • Strong bonding to the substrate and excellent
  • Excellent washability.
  • Aesthetically pleasing result.

ISOMAT FLEXCOAT is suitable for external or internal application, on new or old surfaces, on all building materials, such as render, exposed concrete, brick, gypsum board etc.


Substrate preparation

  1. The substrate must be dry and free of any grease, dust, loose materials etc.
  2. Any existing imperfections in the render should be repaired with DUROCRET polymer modified cement mortar, with UNICRET cement-lime mortar or with UNICRET-FAST fast-setting cement-lime mortar.
  3. Imperfections in exposed concrete, should be repaired with polymer modified cement putties PLANFIX or PLANFIX-FINE.
  4. Cracks or joints should be widened to approx. 3 mm before being filled with ISOMASTIC-A acrylic sealant.
  5. The surface should be primed with FLEX-PRIMER, special primer-loose render stabilizer.
    FLEX-PRIMER consumption: 5-10 m²/kg., depending on the absorptivity of the substrate.
  6. Once the primer has completely dried, application of ISOMAT FLEXCOAT can follow.

Application of ISOMAT FLEXCOAT

ISOMAT FLEXCOAT is thoroughly stirred before use. It is applied at 2 coats, undiluted or diluted with up to 5% water, by brush, roller or spray. The second coat is applied after the first one has completely dried.
Coverage: 8-12 m²/l per layer.