Preparation of floors that are wet for the application of epoxy flooring


DUROPRIMER-W Three-component, water-based epoxy primer




The application of epoxy systems on industrial floors, on floors subjected to high traffic etc., which are wet or relatively fresh, involves problems in the bonding of the epoxy system to the substrate, as the floor’s pores are full of water and therefore the primer of the epoxy layer cannot penetrate and achieve the proper fastening.

Thus, in order to ensure successful application of the chosen epoxy system, the floor must be appropriately prepared.


For successful application of epoxy systems to wet floors or relatively fresh floors (less than 28 days), proper preparation with the special epoxy primer DUROPRIMER-W must be carried out. This is a 3-component water-based epoxy primer that is not affected by the presence of water in the floor’s pores and bonds perfectly to wet floors, ensuring the appropriate substrate for the application of epoxy floorings.

It is ideal for floors made of relatively fresh concrete, where there is an urgent need for their covering before their setting is finished and their moisture is lost.

Furthermore, DUROPRIMER-W is suggested for floors that suffer from rising moisture, since it has the appropriate coefficient for the diffusion of water vapors and provides, after its application, an epoxy layer that balances the pressure of the rising water vapor and ensures the fastening and bonding of any epoxy flooring or coating.


Substrate preparation

  1. The substrate must be stable and free of standing water.
  2. When required, proper preparation must be carried out, such as grinding, milling, shot blasting etc.
  3. Subsequently, the surface must be cleaned thoroughly with a high-suction vacuum cleaner.

Application of DUROPRIMER-W

  1. Components A (resin), Β (hardener) and C (aggregates) are contained in packages in predetermined mixing proportions. The whole quantity of component B is added to component A, and mixed for approx. 5 minutes with a low revolution mixer (300 rpm). It is important to stir the mixture near the sides and bottom of the container, in order to achieve uniform dispersion of the hardener. Then, the mixture (A+B) is poured into a clean container and component C is added under continuous stirring. Mixing is done with a low revolution mixer and carries on until the mixture becomes completely uniform.
  2. At first, any cracks and imperfections are filled in with DUROPRIMER-W (A+B+C).
  3. Once the filling material has set, DUROPRIMER-W is applied with a brush or roller, diluted 5-20% with water, in 2 layers. Second layer follows after the first one is completely dry.
    Consumption of DUROPRIMER-W: 250-300 g/m2/layer.
  4. After 48 hours, as long as the layer of DUROPRIMER-W has less than 4% humidity, any flooring or coating of the DUROFLOOR epoxy systems may be applied.


  • Working time of epoxy systems decreases when ambient temperature rises.
  • In case that longer time than predicted interferes between the application of successive layers or in case that old floors are going to be laid again, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned and ground before application of the new layer.
  • Before application, study the safety advice mentioned on the product’s labels.