Rehabilitation of uneven surfaces or inclinations using floor leveling cement mortar


SCREED-100 Floor leveling cementious screed

ADIPLAST Polymer latex for multiple improvements of mortars

FERROSEAL Cement-based anticorrosive coating for reinforcement elements – Bonding agent

DUREBOND Two-component epoxy injection resin for cracks > 3 mm wide -Bonding agent




Floor filling may be required for new building structures (covering of water or heating pipes) as well as for the rehabilitation of old ones (e.g. dismantlement of old wood floors and leveling in order to fix tiles or marble). The creation of a sloped surface in terraces or balconies may also be another significant problem.

Two alternative solutions, each with known problems, have been provided up to this date:

  • Low-strength light concreting and
  • Heavy weight screed.

The ideal solution would be a light-weight material with satisfactory strength.


SCREED-100 is a light product, weighing approx. half of non-reinforced concrete and having a very satisfactory strength, which makes it the ideal sub-layer for both internal areas and waterproofing layers of external areas.

The fact that it can be easily transported and the requirement of adding only water make it exceptionally easy to use in both new and old constructions.


Substrate preparation

  1. Substrate must be strong, free of loose materials, dust, grease etc.
  2. Before applying SCREED-100, substrate surface must be well dampened, but without creating water puddles.
  3. For thin application layers (up to 3 cm) a bonding layer of ASOPLAST, FERROSEAL or DUREBOND should be applied in order to achieve a stronger bonding of SCREED-100 to the existing concrete.

Application of SCREED-100

A 25 kg bag of SCREED-100 is added to 3,75 kg of water under continuous stirring, until a homogenous mass is formed. For mixing, a low revolution mixer or a cement mixer may be used. Laying procedure is the same as for concrete.

Consumption of SCREED-100: approx. 14 kg/m2/cm layer’s thickness.


  • The maximum thickness of application of SCREED-100 is 10 cm.
  • Temperature during application should be between +5oC and +35oC.
  • The product contains cement, which causes an alkaline reaction with water and is classified as irritant.
  • Consult instructions on safe use and precautions written on the package.