Replacement of lime in mortars


DOMOLIT (former ASOLIT) Mortar plasticizer – Lime replacement

DOMOLIT-TR (former ASOLIT-TR) Transparent mortar plasticizer – Lime replacement




Traditional mortars for plastering, building, rendering, etc, usually include lime, which ensures bonding of the fresh mortar to the underlying surface, extends its setting time and provides satisfactory workability.

However, the presence of lime in the mortar also involves some significant disadvantages, such as:

  • Reduction of the mechanical strength and water-tightness of the mortar.
  • Corrosion of any metal elements incorporated in the plaster.
  • Creation of “lumps” when incompletely slaked lime is used.
  • Lack of space and difficulties in keeping the site clean as a result of the supply and storage of significant amounts of lime over a long period.

So in may cases and particularly where the above disadvantages are unacceptable, there is a need to dispense with or replace the lime, but without loosing its beneficial properties regarding to the workability and application of the mortar.


The lime in cement-lime plasters can be successfully replaced by the liquid mortar plasticisers DOMOLIT (dark coloured), or DOMOLIT-TR (transparent), which provide cement mortars with all the advantages of lime but without any of its disadvantages. Therefore:

  • Increase bonding of the fresh mortar to the substrate.
  • Significantly extend setting time.
  • Reduce total cost of the mortar by replacing the lime.
  • Due to air entraining in the mortar, they plasticize it.
  • Form no “lumps” in the plaster.
  • Increase mortar cohesion, thus the fresh plaster does not “hang”.
  • Increase significantly the mortar strength compared to the mortar strength when using lime. Thus, in the case of building mortar, the overall strength of the masonry is increased since the strength of the joints is improved.
  • Significantly reduce the cost of the mortar.
  • Relieve the site from the problem of lime storage.
  • Contain no chlorides or other corrosive ingredients.

DOMOLIT is the ideal aid for preparation of masonry mortars, plasters, cement mortars, mortars for fixing tiles, marble etc.

DOMOLIT-TR is particularly recommended for white plasters and mortars.


DOMOLIT and DOMOLIT-TR are added to the mixing water during the preparation of the mortar. The amount of mixing water required is reduced because of the admixture’s plasticising properties. More specifically, the proportions below should be followed according to use:

Masonry or repairing mortars:

0,2% DOMOLIT (or DOMOLIT-TR) of the cement weight or 50 g of DOMOLIT (or of DOMOLIT-TR) per 25 kg cement.

The preparation of 1 m3 of mortar requires:

Cement: 225 kg.

Sand: 0,9 m3.



0,3% DOMOLIT (or DOMOLIT-TR) of the cement weight or 75 g of DOMOLIT (or of DOMOLIT-TR) per 25 kg cement.

The preparation of 1 m3 of mortar requires:

Cement: 250 kg.

Sand: 0,84 m3.



  • DOMOLIT provides better working results when mixed with fine-graded sand.
  • Overdose (more than 0,4% of the cement weight) may cause a reduction of the mortar’s strength.